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1,000 Days on the Wheel

This is a more comprehensive option. Designed for those ready to study the Wisdom Wheel in depth. Since 2004, it has been our most popular course, done in person in our study circles, and independently via daily email. $15 a month. If you cannot afford this, ask us about our scholarship student arrangements. If you can DONATE to help cover the costs of scholarships, please do!

Contact us for more information, starting in January 2021. All new classes begin on the full moon each month.

Today’s Daily Journal Entry

This “Daily Journal Entry” gently introduces you to the vast wisdom of the Wheel and its Laws. They also restore your Awareness of the lunar Cycles and natural rhythms.
Starting in January 2021.

Universal Laws

The words on the 36 stones of the Wisdom Wheel are called Universal Laws. Some refer to them as natural or spiritual laws. Human beings have known for eons that some principles are genuinely, universal. People may be ignorant of them, but like the laws of gravity and thermodynamics, they are in operation nevertheless. Those who live without respect for the Law of Balance soon realize the costs of imbalance, for instance. We study these Laws, and try to live by them, to harmonize our efforts with the great flow of Nature and its universal forces. Life is easier when we work with these Laws rather than having them work against us. This kind of course correction benefits everyone we interact with.

We ignore the ecological ethics, biological and organic wisdom of Nature at our peril. You can learn these Laws via a structured or unstructured method. We have daily, weekly, monthly options. And for those ready to live by the Laws of the Wheel, we have The Round Trip Journey. It plots all your years, over your lifetime. That is long enough to get the most out of them!

You can purchase any Law booklet directly, whenever you wish. Or sign up to receive one of our regular email services to take a structured tour of the Wheel. Elsewhere on this website we cover the phenomena of the world’s wheels. Here we clarify what distinguishes Universal Laws from other laws, manmade, legal or illegal.

The 36 Universal Laws of the Wisdom Wheel

Year by year, quadrant by quadrant, Law by Law, we steadily progress upon the Great Spiral of time, whether we are aware of it or not. Each level represents the completion of another 27 years. These Cycles come with their particular priorities, at each age and stage. The Wheel reveals our spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical assignments.

This is how the universal forces of evolution nudge our growth and development. Ideally, we want to become well-rounded people, who can complete all four Go Rounds. To live to a ripe old age, to become a wise Elder, we must learn to preserve the wisdom that Nature provides.  

After living on the Wheel for over twenty years, I am still astonished by the accuracy of its guidance. To see your annual advances, year by year, contact us for a personalized PDF.

Curious to find out where you are living now on the Wheel? Contact us.

Round Trip on the Wisdom Wheel book coming out in spring 2021! To pre-order click here.