The Wheel will challenge you (to learn how) to think, feel, intuit and inspirit, in the ROUND. It is a great teacher of reconnection. It supplies the framework for you to fill in, at your own pace. To (re)connect the dots, pick a plan, a daily, monthly, or annual schedule. Ultimately, you will be getting back in sync, with Nature’s Great Flow, to ride the Great Spiral of evolution more consciously.

To enter this amazing, multidimensional matrix, come through the Gateway you chose when you were born. The season of your birth is one of the Four Quadrants on the Wheel. (This chart uses a Northern Hemisphere orientation but is easily recast for Southern Hemisphere dwellers.)

East – Spring Born – Discover Your Birth Law
South – Summer Born – Discover Your Birth Law
West – Autumn Born – Discover Your Birth Law
North – Winter Born – Discover Your Birth Law

Your Round Trip on the Wheel begins with your birthdate. From there you can learn to plot your entire life Journey upon the Wisdom Wheel, or we can do it for you, via a beautiful PDF than shows where you are on the Great Spiral from ages 0-102.

Whether we are aware of it or not, we are steadily progressing along the Great Spiral of time. Year by year, quadrant by quadrant, Law by Law, we are in the midst of completing of another one of the 27 year Cycles. Each turn on the Spiral brings us to those particular priorities. At each age and stage the Wheel is revealing what’s next for us, in our spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical assignments on each succeeding level.

Aligning ourselves with the universal forces of evolution will nudge our growth and development and keep us from falling into the downward spiral of devolution. Ideally, over time, we become well-rounded people. By completing all four Go Rounds, we attain the status of wise Elder. To accomplish this, and live to a ripe old age, we protect the Earth and ourselves by learning to go with the Flow and preserve Nature’s wisdom and all it provides us.

After living on the Wheel for over twenty years, I continue to be astonished by the accuracy of its guidance. It has outperformed any fortuneteller, psychic or therapist I ever consulted. To find out where you are living on the Wheel, this year, CONTACT US for a personalized PDF. It features the details of your Journey so far, and your annual advances and priorities, laid out year by year into the future too.