The Wheel will challenge you (to learn how) to think, feel, intuit and inspirit, in the ROUND. It is a great teacher of reconnection. It supplies the framework for you to fill in, at your own pace. To (re)connect the dots, pick a plan, a daily, monthly, or annual schedule. Ultimately, you will be getting back in sync, with Nature’s Great Flow, to ride the Great Spiral of evolution more consciously.

Connecting all the dots with
The Wisdom Wheel

To the uninitiated, the Wisdom Wheel looks like a bunch of rocks, with words engraved upon them. Lying flat, in their humble circle, you might miss the multidimensional matrix their arrangement actually represents.

Yet here you have the essential frame, to work with, to put all the pieces of life together, yourself. To connect the dots, you don’t need to reinvent the Wheel, you just need to learn how to rely upon eons of perennial wisdom. It’s all encoded in the world’s ancient wheels, the only tried and true method based upon Nature and the ecological, biological, organic reality we all share.

Cynthia F. Davidson created and copyrighted the Wisdom Wheel in 1996. Her modern, synthesized version draws upon the global wisdoms of the North and South American medicine wheels, the Tibetan Buddhist bhāvacakra wheel of life, the chakravartin wheel on the flag of India, and the Chinese lo pan compasses used by feng schui practioners.

It is the first to present the bedrock principles of the 36 Universal Laws. These identify the common ground, of humanity’s shared rights and values. No society, partnership or individual can long be sustained without life-affirming beliefs in Balance, Trust, Integrity, Compassion, Higher Purpose and Enlightenment, among others. These are the unifiers of all cultures, religions and countries.

Here you find the same circle and spiral symbols you can observe in the sky’s swirling galaxies Above, or see Below in the tiny rings embedded upon the flesh of your fingerprints. Everything is divinely correlated as you will come to appreciate even more once you enter the world of the Wheel and its Laws.

Without any method of orientation, many feel alienated, from Nature and each other. Because few modern people are taught this essential natural knowledge, we have trouble staying grounded and centered. The Wheel helps us self-regulate, to return regularly to Balance, to remain healthy, stable, engaged with reality.

Let the Wheel deepen and widen your understanding of our world and yourself, a bit more everyday.