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1,000 Days on the Wheel

This is a more comprehensive option. Designed for those ready to study the Wisdom Wheel in depth. Since 2004, it has been our most popular course, done in person in our study circles, and independently via daily email. $15 a month. If you cannot afford this, ask us about our scholarship student arrangements. If you can DONATE to help cover the costs of scholarships, please do!

Law of Introduction

1,000 Days on the Wheel

Dear Fellow Travelers,

Welcome to the Circlekeeper’s world. You may be feeling overwhelmed right now, by all there is to learn about the Wisdom Wheel, but let me assure you that your Commitment will be well rewarded. As you embark on this adventure with your study group, just let yourself enjoy the Unknown for a while. Everything is new at the outset, yet it will all feel so familiar soon. You will wonder how you managed without the grounding, coherent wisdom of this amazing model of life.

If you will do your readings, lay out your personal Wisdom Wheel stones on the lunar phases, and attend your study group meetings regularly, I can promise you that in just a few months you will comprehend and be able to synthesize far more information than you can imagine knowing now.

In the 20 years si nce developing this particular Wheel with its Natural, Universal Laws (in 1996) I’ve witnessed the astonishing personal growth, intellectual maturation, and emotional and spiritual development of hundreds of people who have taken the Wisdom Wheel and its teachings to heart. Those who have taken the three-year Wisdom Wheel certification course, like you, have benefited the most because you are going to learn enough to share this wisdom with others. And if you are seeking ‘community’ the Wheel will help you find genuine companions.

Sometimes my students didn’t realize how much they had accomplished until a crisis occurred which suddenly revealed how much they had changed. You will notice your responses differing when compared with past experience, and the reactions other people have, to life’s inevitable shocks and passages. We all need stabilizers in our lives, and the Wheel helps you do the deep inner work that allows you to navigate rapid, necessary and even painful transitions like divorce, death and relocations.

The Wisdom Wheel has many applications. It is a tool for individual growth, community development, and a focusing agent to assist you in further refining what your values and goals are. Right Relationship is one of the Laws that people long remember. All of the Laws make great conversation starters.

We have maps and GPS systems to help us get from one physical place to another, but few have the same quality of guidance when it come to our inner journeys. The Self often remains uncharted territory. Facing it can be as emotionally challenging and intellectually demanding as any physical undertaking. Luckily, twenty years of experience have shown us that the Wisdom of the Wheel is equally relevant to all kinds of people from all sorts of backgrounds. Jews, Muslims, Sikhs, Catholics, atheists and agnostics have sat around these stones and shared their wealth of personal experiences. People of all ages, educations and socio-economic levels from Girl Scouts to executives at General Electric have used the Wisdom Wheel to help them learn from each other.

Your readings include all faiths, types of philosophers and a wide variety of spiritual leader’s commentaries. Use it all to coax yourself beyond your current comfort zone. Explore the farthest borders of belief and behavior. Gain true wisdom by putting all these pieces together.

I hope you will have plenty of exciting discoveries on this 36-month long adventure. Braving difficulties shows us what we are made of. The Self is the third Law you will study after Balance and Awareness. Having a vision of the way forward allows you to pass previous limits and make real progress towards inner as well as outer peace.

The elegant complexity of the Wheel has held my interest for two decades already. I hope it will hold yours. May it help you recognize your place in the universe, and how you are related to every thing else. Comprehending the universal patterns by following the Wheel will allow you to organize complicated knowledge into practical, applicable wisdom.

The Wheel of Life will be turning anyway. We might as well travel it deliberately! As you circle the Sun upon our planet Earth, understand the Flow of the Elements and Seasons more deeply. Make better informed Choices, and get out of the rut of being and doing from the same level of comprehension. Seize the upward spiral and evolve more consciously. Experience each rotation at another rung of existence: knowing more, loving more, being more.

Let us start the Journey now.