a way to connect the dots

Welcome to The Wisdom Wheel

Imagine learning the secrets of the matrix. This is the method behind the wisdom. If you will learn it you can continuously connect the dots. The Wisdom Wheel offers you a way to keep your mind, heart, body, and spirit parts well organized, to deal with the practicalities of life:

  • decision making
  • earning a living
  • purpose
  • family
  • relationships
  • significant others
  • dreams for the future and more.

Every question you have can be taken to the Wheel. It can give you more comprehensive answers. How? Because it teaches you to meld intuition with intellect, heart with spirit, and what the body knows. Stunning insights emerge once you learn how to put your life on the Wheel. Applying this big picture overview regularly can give you the Clarity necessary, to prioritize and connect the dots with better results.

But, here’s the catch. You will need to study the Wheel to learn how to apply its multidimensional method. Rather than consulting other experts, you will need to become the keeper of the circle of your own life. Self rule. The Wheel will challenge you to get to the bottom of your belief system and connect it with your behaviors. And it provides the tools and guidance for making changes at your own pace. Yet not doing this work is easier than doing it! I have seen people quit too soon and cheered those who’ve gone the distance. The Wheel itself sets up a powerful centrifugal force. I trust it to pull in those who are ready for it and bounce off those who are not willing to invest the time and effort. That is far more important than the money. I’ve kept the Wheel teachings inexpensive. And they are affordable via scholarship, so anyone can have equal access to this wisdom.

After spending two decades in the global management development business, I have seen most models for everything from team building, to communication and leadership. However, none of them ever encompassed the depth and breadth of enduring wisdom like the wheels of the world. They have the power to hold my interest. And I share them because of all the benefits they’ve brought to my life.

In 1996, I synthesized their teachings in this modern version. And I have lived by my Wisdom Wheel since developing it. My most reliable guidance system, it’s value has been proven by hundreds of other students I’ve trained, and the students those graduates have gone on to teach too.

This Wheel is inclusive. It respects all cultures and traditions, and draws upon North and South American medicine wheels, the Tibetan Buddhist bhāvacakra wheel of life, the chakravartin wheel on the flag of India, and the Chinese lo pan compasses, used by feng schui practioners so modern people can connect the dots to the indigenous wisdom of the world’s many traditions.

My copyrighted version of the Wheel is the first to incorporate the bedrock principles of the 36 Universal Laws. They identify the common ground of humanity’s shared rights and values. No society, partnership or individual can long be sustained without the life-affirming beliefs in Balance, Trust, Integrity, Compassion, Higher Purpose and Enlightenment, among others. These are the unifiers of all cultures and religions. You will find these concepts in every language. And within the Wheel you will find the same circle and spiral symbols we can all observe Above us in the sky’s swirling galaxies, or see Below us in the tiny rings embedded upon the flesh of our fingerprints.

Everything is divinely correlated, as you will come to appreciate even more, once you enter the world of the Wheel and its Laws. Sadly too few people are taught this essential natural knowledge anymore. And so many have trouble getting grounded and staying centered. The Wheel helps us self-regulate, to return regularly to Balance, to remain healthy, stable, and engaged with reality. The Wheel returns us the sanity of organic biological reality.

Without a method of (re)orientation, too many feel alienated, from Nature and each other. Here you have eons of trial and error learning, along with the laws of life, on our Earth in this Universe. Even the annual orbit of our Sun star is mapped out on the Wheel. And the Great Spiral of time lifting above it describes our entire life Journeys. The Wheel’s robust cross-referencing system takes into account the biological, ecological, organic reality we all share, so we know it well enough to factor it into our daily decision-making processes.

Let the Wheel deepen and widen your understanding, of our world and yourself, a bit more everyday, as you learn how to apply its multidimensional framework. After twenty years of teaching the Wheel, I can assure you your efforts will be rewarded. Every aspect of my students’ lives has measurably improved, from our financial situations to the satisfactions of our hearts and souls. So we are sharing the Wheel now with the wider world.

Once you learn to use the Wheel, it will be yours forever. If you can find a better rate of return for an investment of your time and effort, tell us about it!