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This guided tour of The Wisdom Wheel, and its' 36 natural, universal laws, comes in the form of a daily one page email. Your tour guide is Cynthia F. Davidson. She developed this Wheel in 1997, and created this learning method in 1999. Since then it has been used by hundreds of individuals and many study groups.

Daily one page emails include:

  • Orientation to where you are in the 36 months tour of Wheel & 36 laws.
  • Monthly letter & study schedule, in accordance with the lunar cycle.
  • Intellectual, emotional, physical/intuitive & spiritual aspects of each law.
  • Daily Guidance about the monthly themes, with prompting questions.
  • Quotations from a wide variety of teachers, writers, visionaries.
  • Excerpts from Cynthia's journal pages to inspire you to keep your own.
  • Recommended books, links and attachments for those who want more.

Benefits include:

  • Structure & support for exploring your personal value system.
  • Ongoing encouragement to do your personal writings and meditations.
  • Conscious realignment of your innermost beliefs with outer behaviors.
  • Growing ability to connect the dots between Self and the Universe.
  • Deepening relationship with the timeless truths of Nature.
  • Reliable, self-reinforcing method, safe to use alone, or with others.
  • Suggestions and examples from Wisdom Wheel study circles.
  • -Steady, sustainable progress, as you add layers, to your own matrix.

As you Journey from Balance in the center, outward through all the other laws to finish with Great Mystery, the Wheel will demonstrate how eco and bio-logic can be applied to practically improve your daily life.

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