When I look back over all the stones, and think of all the conversations, I know my world has been vastly expanded and can never go back. Natalie CT
I do know it can enrich my life.  I loved the Introduction month. Karon CA
My overall awareness has grown 100 fold since this class started.... Kathy M Ventura CA

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I do find that this journey has helped calm me inside even more then what was occurring by the many changes in my life since leaving the corporate world
Sherri S CA
Carrying the law of Right Relationship provides all sorts of opportunities to be Present to current relationships Moonwise Woman Ct.
A tool to help you become wiser, healthier and happier.
Fri April 18 2014 Law_of_Journey_East_Week Day 4
Day 477

The true path is through the sky and has no landmarks and no description. All described paths are but tracing on the earth the sahdow of one who has gone to the sky... It is a difficult, a heartbreaking path. None can tread it to the end who does not want it more than he wants any other thing...

Krishnaprem (died 1965)(aka Richard Nixon), a British professor who moved to India and became a Hindu mystic (see biography Yogi Sri Krishnaprem by Dilip Kumar) also mentioned by his contempory Paul Brunton in Search in Secret India

Daily Guidance:

Think about the pathless portion of the path today, that part of your Journey which you alone can discern. What do you want more than any other thing? Is it Enlightenment or something else?

Monthly Introduction Letter

Welcome to the Wisdom Wheel Law of Journey # 17

Your Journey has brought you to this place and these people, your fellow sojourners.  Think of their Journeys as well as your own.  Don’t miss the opportunities for learning and growth represented by this assembly of fellow souls.

Excerpted from the Wisdom Wheel Journey card

Your Study Schedule for This Law

Full moon Tue April 15 2014 begin Week One – East quadrant – Mental, intellectual aspects
Last quarter Tue April 22 2014 begin Week Two – South quadrant – Emotional aspects

New moon Tue April 29 2014 begin Week Three – West quadrant – Physical and intuitive aspects

First quarter Wed May 07 2014 begin Week Four – North quadrant – Spiritual aspects

Next full moon Wed May 14 2014 begin next Law of Forgiveness
Introduction to the Law of Journey

Welcome to the 17th Law of the Journey.  You will reach a milestone this month, your Day 500 on this 1,000 Day Journey around the Wisdom Wheel. Make a point of celebrating it! We’d love to hear from you. Send an email to Cynthia_Davidson@thewisdomwheel.com or Malcolm_Davidson@thewisdomwheel.com. We like to mail a symbolic gift to those who’ve made it this far.

Let us know what you are learning. Your study of the Shadow Law last month is crucial to your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual Journey. Opening up to your Shadow (and other peoples) is a long Process. It brings us back to Carl Jung’s Shadow question over and over, Do you want to be good? Or do you want to be whole?”

On the Journey towards wholeness we work to embrace All That Is, with our heads, hearts, bodies and spirits. This requires an understanding of Surrender Law #23. Surrender balances the Journey Law. These two Laws are on the Southwest/Northeast axis of the Wheel, hinting at the need for spiritual Surrender to our emotional Journey in particular... 

We spend our lives taking the road less traveled or not taking it. We can refuse, deny and/or denigrate what doesn’t fit into polite, social expectations about ‘what’s proper or good,’ or we can open our hearts and be as inclusive as we can, trying to offer unconditional Love to the messy, imperfect and unexpected truths of life.

Which approach is more likely to carry us towards wholeness? Towards holiness?  Even the saints struggled with the Shadow while on their Journeys.

We went to Canada to the annual Sun Dance ceremony while carrying the Journey Law. While there an issue came up that often serves as a marker of progress on the emotional/spiritual Journey.  A few Native Americans were grumbling about white people participating in the ceremonies.  William Nevin handled the conflict with the wisdom that reveals why he’s so well qualified to be a spiritual leader and a Sun Dance chief. 

He summed up our challenge in two sentences, ‘To healthy people, it doesn’t matter what color you are.  It only matters to unhealthy people.’  Our feelings often reveal where we are on our Journey. It seems appropriate that the next Law is Forgiveness on this Journey round the Wisdom Wheel.

During the study of this Law, those in classes make a Journey necklace. This string of 102 beads is designed to reflect your entire life Journey, a ‘personal rosary’ of your years, ‘prayer beads’ which include even the years you have yet to live. The beads are chosen in accordance with the color scheme of the Journey round the Wheel of Life.

You can make your own Journey necklace or purchase one from our website at www.thewisdomwheel.com.

The inspiration to make this sacred object came to me at a sad time on my Journey after I’d suffered a miscarriage.  Choosing each stone bead to represent each year, and stringing them together, helped me see how many more years I had left to live and how many good reasons to keep going.

Cynthia's own personal Journey necklace

Making sacred objects often heals the one who makes them. We have printed instructions for those who wish to make their own necklaces. Contact us if you’d like a copy. Make one with great deliberation and be proud to wear it for the remainder of your days. Reflect this month upon the significant events of your life Journey so far, and contemplate the coming years too.  Good luck with the your Journey and this Law!  

Many Blessings,  Malcolm and Cynthia Davidson

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