When I look back over all the stones, and think of all the conversations, I know my world has been vastly expanded and can never go back. Natalie CT
I do know it can enrich my life.  I loved the Introduction month. Karon CA
My overall awareness has grown 100 fold since this class started.... Kathy M Ventura CA

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I do find that this journey has helped calm me inside even more then what was occurring by the many changes in my life since leaving the corporate world
Sherri S CA
Carrying the law of Right Relationship provides all sorts of opportunities to be Present to current relationships Moonwise Woman Ct.
A tool to help you become wiser, healthier and happier.
Tue September 30 2014 Law_of_Purification_West_Week Day 7
Day 642

At the birth of the baby the maiden dies to become a mother. In regions of the mind every new idea rings the death knell of ideas worn out. In the life of the spirit, only through death can there be immortality.

Irene Claremont de Castillejo, psychoanalyst based in London, author of Knowing Woman

Daily Guidance:

Look at the 'little deaths' today and what they signify about Purifications great and small.

Monthly Introduction Letter

Welcome to the Wisdom Wheel Law of Purification # 22

There is no denying that adults adulterate us, despite their best intentions. We can decide to undo this. Who here has not been blessed by the steaming grace of a good shower or the wonder of a hot bath?  What is the equivalent for our hearts and minds?

Excerpted from the Wisdom Wheel Purification card

Your Study Schedule for This Law

Full moon Tue September 09 2014 begin Week One – East quadrant – Mental, intellectual aspects
Last quarter Tue September 16 2014 begin Week Two – South quadrant – Emotional aspects

New moon Wed September 24 2014 begin Week Three – West quadrant – Physical and intuitive aspects

First quarter Wed October 01 2014 begin Week Four – North quadrant – Spiritual aspects

Next full moon Wed October 08 2014 begin next Law of Surrender
Introduction to the Law of Purification

Time to pick up the Law of Purification, # 22 on your 1,000 Day Journey. What comes to mind when you think about this word? Put it on the Wheel;

Purification of the Mind – How do we purify our thoughts?

Purification of the Heart – Why do emotions become pure or impure?

Purification of the Body – Does celibacy or sacred sexuality keep our bodies pure?

Purification of the Spirit – Is an ‘evil’ spirit simply ignorant or unclean in some way?

Think about the Purification Process you practice most often. What elements are incorporated in it? Do you feel mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually pure afterwards? Native American Sweat Lodges are for Purification ceremonies.

You could say that Purification is about releasing whatever prevents Surrender and Enlightenment, the next two Laws on the Wisdom Wheel. Notice which Law balances Purification, the Law of the Shadow which sits next to the anchoring Law of the South, Trust.  

Don’t be surprised if some aspects of the Shadow surface during the coming month while you work to purify thoughts and emotions, feelings and your spirit connection. Ultimately, Purification is about making that connection. We must clear away whatever prevents us from feeling it. This requires time and effort. Prayer, meditation, ceremony and being quiet and centered in a sacred space allow us to sense the connection that is always there.

Purification prepares us to receive the blessings of energy and guidance we need. No one can be perfectly connected and aligned all the time, but during those times when we are, there is a felt sense of greater congruence and Integrity. The evidence is in thoughts and feelings of Love, inspiration and ecstasy.

Purification is a Northern Law, on the spirit side of the Wheel. It sits next to the Law of Integrity. As you pass along the ‘top’ side of the Wheel now, on your 1,000 Day Journey, think about the relationship between Integrity and Purification. Why does this Law belong in the North?

Winter is represented here on the Wheel, for instance. What is the Higher Purpose of that season? For one thing all the gnats, ticks and mosquitoes are killed off when the frosts come. The cold and wintry winds scour away many impurities and prepare the land for another cycle of spring and summer, growth and harvesting. Purification holds the space between January 21 and Feb 21 (approximately) and those born at this time are Wind in Winter Purification people, under the constellation of Aquarius.

The North is also the place of the Elders’ Lodge. What happens when there are no WisdomKeepers to guard the purity of intentions? What happens to societies and their organizations when no one knows how to purify them? If those who act without Integrity are allowed to remain, and corruption goes unchecked, what happens to the people, their Faith and their spirits?  

If impurity is the opposite of purity, what can you do about the impurities in and around you? In the absence of Purification, it is difficult to find Clarity and determine what is the Right Action. Going back to Nature, spending time alone in the wilderness, without food and water, is a time-honored way to purify the Self and reconnect with spirit. 

Far from the distractions of food, phones and the news of the manmade world, our impurities have time to surface; all those doubts, fears and weaknesses. We can give them over to spirit and pray for healing, wisdom and Direction.

The more I’ve fasted, the more I’ve appreciated why the Wise Ones of the ages have recommended it. By leaning on spirit, you discover how much you can Trust it.

Purification returns us to our core essence.  As you ground and center yourself, spirit resumes its’ rightful place in your daily life.  What gets purged?  And what purpose do impurities have?

Your homework assignment this month includes drawing up a List of Impurities in your life. Write down every thing that prevents you from being spirit-led. Then write down how your plan for Purification. Use the Four Directions during the coming four weeks to work on the Purification needs in each quadrant. What gets in your way? 

The pure spirit of unconditional Love, for instance, what blocks it?  As a spiritual being, having a human experience, see what you can do to ‘polish the windows’ of your soul so the Light can shine through.

Whether it is fear, ignorance or impatience, there is always something you can do about each one.  Ask yourself, “What is really important?”  Then take action to clean up your act. Whatever prevents you from doing and being what is most important will have to go.   Purification is really about simplification. If you simplify your life, you will have time to enjoy what really matters. 

I recently read a book, by two nurses from Illinois , who traveled West to investigate Native American Purification and healing techniques on a Lakota reservation. Their teacher Charley explained, A lot of people are like Christmas trees.  No matter how many ornaments and pretty baubles they add on, the tree’s been cut and it’s not going to grow.  If you’re not connected, nothing else matters

Many blessings, Cynthia and Malcolm Davidson

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