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I do find that this journey has helped calm me inside even more then what was occurring by the many changes in my life since leaving the corporate world
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Sat April 25 2015 Law_of_Immortality_North_Week Day 1
Day 849

Our hope of immortality does not come from any religion, but nearly all religions come from that hope.  

Robert Green Ingersoll (1833-1899), American statesman, noted for his defense of atheism, see The Best of Robert Ingersol edited by Roger E. Greeley

Daily Guidance:

Where does your spiritual hope come from? Review the spiritual aspects of this Law this week while on the North side of the Wheel. What qualifications are there for Immortality in the various religious tradition you are familiar with?

Monthly Introduction Letter

Welcome to the Wisdom Wheel Law of Immortality # 29

When you know you have forever, you can afford to be patient, to be kind, to be loving and forgiving.  What might be different if you knew your spirit was Eternal?

Excerpted from the Wisdom Wheel Immortality card

Your Study Schedule for This Law

Full moon Sat April 04 2015 begin Week One – East quadrant – Mental, intellectual aspects
Last quarter Sun April 12 2015 begin Week Two – South quadrant – Emotional aspects

New moon Sat April 18 2015 begin Week Three – West quadrant – Physical and intuitive aspects

First quarter Sat April 25 2015 begin Week Four – North quadrant – Spiritual aspects

Next full moon Mon May 04 2015 begin next Law of Ultimate-Reality
Introduction to the Law of Immortality

Welcome to the Law of Immortality, number 29 on the Wisdom Wheel. This is the second stepping stone, in the South Direction, which is anchored by the Law of Trust.  If you Trust, that your soul or spirit lives forever, that belief can have very positive effect on every other belief you hold. For one thing, it can free you from the fear of physical death, and the tyranny of the ego personality, with its attachment to this particular place, ethnicity and identity. 

We tend to focus on mortality, the opposite of this Law, because we have witnessed the physical finality of death. Those who have never had a personal experience of being out of the body find it more difficult to believe there is anything else. Since we are skeptical, sensing beings, living inside vulnerable bodies, physical mortality is so frightening to us, we have a hard time transcending its limitations.

This month, as you carry this Law through each of the Four Directions, meditate on the immortal qualities of the things represented in the East, South, West and North. Choose at least one item from each quadrant and consider what it can teach you about this Law.  

For example, what makes archetypes, ideas or stories seem immortal? As the centuries pass, why do some of these remain alive in the hearts and minds of people, while others are forgotten. 

Take a spiritual leader, like Jesus, and ask yourself why his story is still being told 2000 years after his death. What kind of energy did his presence represent? Why do people continue to revere the message to ‘Love one another’? Most of the world has yet to learn this lesson, regardless of who represents it in their culture.

Forever is not a frame of reference we work with on a daily basis so we don’t know much about it.  What would you do with eternity? Many people can’t figure out what to do on a rainy weekend. How would they spend forever?

Think about the vast endlessness of eternity next time you feel stressed out. Trying to accomplish too much in a single day, week, year or lifetime distracts us from our Ultimate Reality, which is the next Law on the Wisdom Wheel. For homework this month, set some goals and have some fun creating a personal Immortality plan.  

It’s exciting to think about forever when you consider the range of possibilities. Imagine having all the opportunities you need, to experience every religion, archetype and spiritual path, in each nationality and country.

This seems to be the great gift of Immortality, getting to personally experience All That Is. To be inside the skin of every color, to dwell in continent, to meet every type of person from the beggars to monarchs, we would need to live forever. To be the Warrior, the Teacher, Healer, Visionary… What else would we do with all that Time on our hands?

Regina Sara Ryan’s book, The Woman Awake ‘ Feminine Wisdom for Spiritual Life’  suggests some of the many paths we might take.  An ex-nun, she lists 12 kinds of spiritual experiences, and gives ancient and contemporary followers of each one. 

1.The Awakening / A Path of Annihilation

2.The Desert Path / Silence, Solitude & Prayer

3.The Path of Waiting / The Way of Surrender

4. The Path of Mother

5. The Path of Compassion 

6.The Path of Darkness

7. The Path of the Warrior / The Way of Power

8. The Path of Service

9. The Path of Art & Inspiration

10. The Path of the Body / The Path of Sex

11. The Path of Devotion

12. The Path of Community

The Law that balances Immortality is Sacred Oneness. Wouldn’t we understand Sacred Oneness better if we experienced it? 

Another book, Blueprint by a German author, Charlotte Kerner, reveals some of our fears about Immortality.  It explores the (potential) outcomes of cloning; emotional, physical and mental. A futuristic story, narrated by a cloned daughter, the plot revolves around the murderous anger she feels towards the person whose megalomania created her, ‘in their own image.’ 

This denies the clone the freedom to be themselves…  At least the notion of reincarnation offers the chance to experience life in totally new and different bodies. If we were satisfied with that idea, cloning would not seem as appealing.

Neale Donald Walsch writes about Immortality in his 2007 book Home with God: a Life That Never Ends. This is the final installment in his bestselling series, Conversations with God. He says:
1. Death happens in three stages, realizing that you are not a body, experiencing what you want to experience after death, and merging with your higher self.
2. One goes home to heaven after experiencing all they wanted to in this physical lifetime. The spirit of the individual may know this and when the lifetime will finish, but frequently the individual does not realize when he or she will die.
3. The death experience is different for everyone, depending on your expectations, views and ideas. If you expect to find nothing, you will be allowed to experience that (the second stage of death) until you decide to look for something else. If you expect to find yourself embraced in the arms of a loving God, you will be allowed to experience that. If you expect to find yourself being judged and sent to hell, you will be allowed to experience that although you can change it by choosing to look for something else.

Many blessings, Malcolm and Cynthia Davidson

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