Thu September 23 2021 Law_of_Trust_East_Week Day 4
Day 268

Trouble and suffering are often extremely useful, because many people will not bother to learn the Truth until driven to do so by sorrow and failure.

Emmet Fox, 1886-1951, spiritual leader and author of many books including Sermon on the Mount, and Around the Year

Daily Guidance:

What sorrows and failures have forced you to learn about Trust? Think about people you Trust and what they believe in. Do you Trust those whose beliefs are very different?

Cynthia's Journal:

The wild turkey waddles over to feed from this morning’s offering. He pecks at the birdseed while bits of the holiday turkey carcass surround him, awaiting the arrival of the hungry Crows. One living turkey and a sacrificial one, still supporting life. I hope what I leave behind will be this useful.

News and emails continue to arrive about the tragedy in southeast Asia. The death toll is currently 70,000. Some advise prayer, others urge offerings of Reiki or Light, but the suffering is so immense these suggestions sound pitifully inadequate and abstract. This crisis is revealing strengths and weaknesses in world belief systems. If we can’t respond with more than this, does our spirituality need to be re-examined? Financial donations are flowing in...

The United States government is being criticized today for pledging only $35 million to the relief efforts in Asia. The newscasters didn’t mention the $1 billion a week currently being spent on the war in Iraq. And the billions we’ll continue to spend to rebuild what should not have bombed in the first place. Ongoing medical care for wounded servicemen and women carries a high price tag. Some are too badly hurt to contribute much to society again. Those who made the supreme sacrifice lie mute in their graves now. Didn't we have 'a war to end all wars' in 1914- 1918?

In the meantime, a friend has written to complain that my entries are unfair to the military. She claims the military has gotten a raw deal not the benefits they were promised. Her husband retired from the service, and I respect that, but the questions remain. Who and wat should we put our Trust in? Who deserves it? The military? The government? What has been done with the Trust (and the money) we’ve already given these organizations? I think we all deserve better.

In my mind natural and manmade catastrophes are connected. Many of the second kind could be prevented if human beings had wiser priorities. We wouldn't waste time, lives and money making war. If we could Trust and depend on one another, we could respond together to natural disasters like tsunamis and earthquakes. Some of these events could be prevented if we took care of the Earth and the people instead of catering to the egos of immature warriors. Children, elders and the environment would be at the top of our list. This would improve the quality of life for everyone. Killing people instead of providing medical care and education is just plain wrong.

If a fraction of the amount spent on the war in Iraq had been used to set up a worldwide tsunami early warning system, more people living on the coasts around the Indian Ocean could have been spared. That $1 billion a week can develop alternative industries; improve farming and irrigation systems, provide better building materials, solar power, renewable energy technologies. We ought to put the military industrial complex out of business by giving them other things to do.

Watching thousands of homeless Thai, Sri Lankan and Indian citizens searching for food, shelter and drinking water is heartbreaking. Nature is not our enemy. She’s merely shown us how stupid our spending priorities are.

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