Wed May 05 2021 Law_of_Cause-and-Effect_South_Week Day 3
Day 127

To dream of the universe is to know that we are small and brief as insects, born in a flash of rain and gone a moment later and so in that moment... What do we value most?

Linda Hogan, Chickasaw

Daily Guidance:

What effects have other peoples’ causes had in your life? When you stay in Balance, you have more Awareness about Causes & Effects. Your course corrections are less extreme when you need to return to center and regain your Balance. An example would be dealing with situations straight away instead of procrastinating till they're worse.

Cynthia's Journal:

Standing outside, next to the Wisdom Wheel this morning, I looked at the surrounding grounds and the bow-roofed home of TouchStoneCenter. The windows are sparkling and two new gardens are freshly planted, one for herbs and one for flowers. The lawn is newly mowed and the bushes are neatly pruned. The Glastonbury graduates did all this work and more. They’ve left me feeling very loved. I came out to stand on the South side of the Wheel beside the Trust stone to let that feeling sink in as deep as it can go. I’m not used to this much ‘TLC’ (tender, loving, care).

“We want to give back,” they said, and they certainly have. The energy they brought with them was wonderful. It permeated every task they took on. What they did isn't as important as how and why they did it. A cleaning service could’ve done these jobs for money, but it feels so different when work is done with Love. Is Love a cause or an effect? What are the Causes & Effects of Love, or its lack?

Over the weekend we enjoyed a good Sweat Lodge ceremony. Two hundred and fifty sets of Wisdom Wheel cards got collated and bagged. We took turns dancing around the dining room table, putting them together, with plenty of laughter.

When this group formed, three years of Wisdom Wheel study seemed to stretch into eternity but Rod said, 'The time will go by anyway. We might as well make it count.' Making that Commitment five years ago has proven we can keep others. Now our 10th anniversary and the 15th are not hard to imagine.

Another Children’s Wheel is planned for next month. The kids have so much fun together. We want to include them in age appropriate ways. If we can not make the Wheel relevant to future generations then we will fail to pay it back by passing it on.

Lately I've had a strong image of holding my younger daughter as if she was a child. She's a teenager now, with the necessity to individuate from me, the parent, and I understand that, but this transition can cause such angst and loneliness. I want to respond and do what I can to relieve her, but my hugs won’t always be welcomed. She must learn to stand alone. At the Sun Dance, we are instructed not to pity anyone. The effects are better when we believe in Creator and the person's strength to deal with their own causes and effects. It's another way of caring.

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