Fri January 21 2022 Law_of_Eternal-Present_East_Week Day 5
Day 388

To live in the presence of great truths and eternal laws- that is what keeps a man patient when the world ignores him, and calm and unspoiled when the world praises him.

Honore de Balzac

Daily Guidance:

Daily Guidance:

Do you want the world to ignore you or praise you? What happens to your sense of calm when you get a lot of attention or none at all? As many a celebrity can tell you, Be careful what you wish for...

Cynthia's Journal:

My younger daughter was in a car accident yesterday. 

Time stops when the phone rings and an emergency room doctor is on the other end, She’s okay but they brought her here on the board with the neck collar so we could evaluate. It was a low speed collision

My daughter and I have been fighting lately, about her disregard for rules, the use of the mainland apartment and her choice in friends who get her into trouble. 

We’ve decided to let go of the place on the mainland at the end of the month. That's one way to remove the temptation to abuse the privileges.

This girl was born under the Law of Choices and she will learn (more than most) by making good ones and bad ones.  

I shudder to think what I'd feel like if she and I had parted in anger this morning and she’d died a few hours later.  Each moment can be the Eternal Moment, the very second, when one of us enters Eternity and leaves this present place forever.

<It's been a while since I've made time to stand at the stones of the outdoor Wisdom Wheel. Basement construction debris and building equipment litters the yard, but I need some quiet time with the stones. The circular sandy bed is full of leaves and twigs brought down by the rain that fell overnight. I will rake, clean and resituate things. Some semblance of order will be restored if I do this today.

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